Term paper is an academic paper which could be published. The topic for the term paper can be anything which serves to increase knowledge and understanding of a literary phenomenon like a theory. Term paper can be of two types: A survey or report and An argument or a research paper.

Writing a great term paper is all about the formula and content which can be done as follows:

Start as soon as possible: Sometimes professors assign papers with a week’s notice. Begin soon so that your term paper can be submitted on time. Plan the paper as soon as you receive the assignment. Make sure that you understand the assignment well. Don’t delay the writing process.

Know what your instructor wants you to do.

Choose a topic in which you are interested. Topic should not be too long or too short. It should be specific. You should have sufficient knowledge about the topic chosen.

Learn to research well: Make the best use of time by gathering various sources. Jot down the entire information about the author, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, page numbers, URL’s, creation, modification dates on web pages and date of access.

Collect all the important information from the sources like books, magazines, articles, internet and write down all the necessary and important information given in them. Then make notes.

Organize topics: Place your notes in order of importance. Give the most important information first.

Analyze your subject: Term paper should not display only the research done on a topic but also should include the student’s thoughts and views. Don’t just rely on what scholars say. If you disagree, state your opinion in your paper.

Write a rough draft: If this is skipped, your paper will take a longer time. Rough drafts are always important.  No need to write a perfect rough draft. Professors will not see your rough drafts. You must sound intelligent while writing all your ideas on paper.

Reread, reorganize and rewrite: When the rough draft is written, read the draft again, reorganize all the notes in order of importance and rewrite the paper making the necessary changes.

Learn MLA format: Do not blindly copy from the web. It can lead to academic suspension, expulsion or can leave a permanent mark on your record. Other schools or colleges will not admit you and even employers won’t hire you.

Done: Make presentation sparkle. The cover sheet should contain your name, the professor’s name, don’t forget to mention the Ph.D. of your professor if he has one, the course number and date on it.

Stapling the paper is a common procedure so don’t staple your paper. Instead put the paper in presentation folder which is available at any office supply store. Duplicate a copy for your file.

Presentation of a term paper in a proper way is very important. Though a large part of grade is based on the quality of the work done, presentation counts. So stress on your presentation.